Sunday, 26 May 2013


MechaSonics hey?

Sounds pretty cool, I think! Especially for a 4 pronged blog which will revolve around 4 of my main areas of interest, Computer Programming, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics, and Sound! The name is a bit of a play on the word "Mechatronics" - which is a combination of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering and Computer Engineering. Add into the mix my love of Sound Engineering / Music Composition and DJ-ing and you've got to be crazy NOT to call it "MechaSonics", right?
So what better way to kick things off than an introduction?

My name is Jarred, I also use the handles "JazzyB" and "JBainesy" on various forums and sites around the web. I work as a CNC machinist and I also work as a DJ, spending my spare time composing electronic music, designing and printing out objects using my 3D printer, hacking my phone (to make it do things it couldn't / shouldn't do) and writing JAVA and Android apps (which I am learning how to do at the moment, through studying a Diploma of JAVA Programming through Fitzwilliam Institute).

As soon as I figure out the ins-and-outs of Blogger, I'll have one more hobby to add to the list ;-)